SONAR 7 Producer Edition Trial

SONAR 7 Producer Edition Trial 16.0

SONAR 7 Producer Edition is music making package featuring various plug-ins

SONAR 7 Producer Edition Trial 16.0 is music making software package featuring various plug-ins and synthesizers.
The software includes an integrated Step Sequencer view which is very advanced. It also has smart MIDI tools where a single tool can be used for multiple editing tasks. The Real-time Drag-Quantize helps in aligning various notes and events with the snap settings. The Multilane controller editing in Piano Roll view helps in moving the controller data across lanes. The MIDI display has a MIDI Magnifier, MIDI Meters, and Velocity Colorizer. The editing function could be used for splitting, gluing, and muting notes. It also features new instruments such as Z3TA+ 1.5 waveshaping synthesizer, Dimension LE (featuring Garritan Pocket Orchestra), Rapture LE, and DropZone Sample player/synth etc, along with 1000 instrument sounds. The LP-64 Multiband linear phase mastering compressor/limiter has AutoQ functionality. The "external insert plug-in" allows the user to insert and mix with external hardware effects and instruments with automatic delay compensation. The user could also assign various shortcuts for a series of audio inputs, and routing selected tracks/busses to the same input/output/main.

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